Conditions to be Satisfied When Submitting the Academic Approval Form to the Faculty of Engineering

1- The form should be filled thoroughly and be signed by the related authorities. The credit information of the courses regarding both METU and ECTS credits should be complete.

2-Detailed course content (i.e syllabus) of all courses to be taken in the institution to be visited should be included in the form. At a minumum these should include the ECTS credit of the course, weekly hours or total lecture hours in the semester, catalog description and detailed content information.

3-The equivalence (after returning from the Erasmus programme)  of each course to be taken in the visited institution should be stated either on the course content information printout, on a seperate document or on the academic approval form. This equivalence should clearly be indicated by the Erasmus coordinator of the department and/or the instructor offering the equivalent course by signing the aforementioned document(s).

4-Student transcript should be included.

5- In accordance with the Engineering faculty board decision no: 2010 956, a petition, stating that the cumulative grade point average  (CGPA) of the engineering student to study abroad via the exchange program should not be below 2.5 and the cumulative and semester grade point averages (CGPA and GPA) of the student in the semester prior to the participation in the program should not be below 2.5, should be signed and added to the attachments.

 The petition form can be accesed here.