METU Engineering Day 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

       METU Engineering Day 2022 Frequently Asked Questions 

  •        What constitutes an eligible poster?

Two types of posters are eligible for the competition. For the Undergraduate Research category, there must be at least one team member (the presenting author) who is currently an undergraduate engineering student. The team may include other undergraduate and/or graduate students as well as faculty members. For Undergraduate Design, posters of projects conducted during Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 may be presented.    

  •          What is the eligible poster size?

The posters should be in standard A0 dimensions (841x1189 mm) in portrait orientation. The poster panels cannot accommodate landscape posters.

  •         Are working models/demonstrations allowed? Will any equipment be provided for display?

Students may present working models of their projects or demonstrate them using laptops, tablets, etc. If needed, tables and electric connections will be provided.

  •          How are the posters evaluated?

For both Undergraduate Research and Undergraduate Design poster competition, the posters are evaluated by three faculty members from departments other than that of the presenters. For both categories, the posters are judged based on visual clarity, oral presentation, and scientific contribution. Whereas technical depth is important, the students are advised to ensure that the content of their presentation can be easily comprehended by engineers from various disciplines.

  •           Do the presenters have to be by their posters at all times during the poster session?

The judges will not evaluate the posters according to a preset schedule. Thus, it is strongly advised to always have at least one team member by the poster. Although the judges will aim to ensure that they evaluate all posters assigned to them when there is a presenter available, their time may not be very flexible to make changes in the order they plan to evaluate the posters.

  •          What is the procedure for participation in the poster competitions?

For both categories, an abstract of at most 200 words summarizing the project/research should be submitted to web address here no later than submission due date. A notification of whether the poster has been accepted for the competition will be sent. 

  •          How will the posters be printed out?

The students will print out the posters free of charge from the contracted office store, which will be announced later, prior to the date of the competition.

  •          What is the eligible team composition for the Engineering Competition?

Engineering Competition teams consist of four undergraduate engineering students. In selecting among candidate teams to compete, priority will be given to interdisciplinary teams (with members from as many departments as possible) and those that contribute to gender equality.

  •          How are the Engineering Competition teams evaluated?

Evaluation criteria will be provided in the Engineering Competition booklet.

  •          What are the tasks need to be fulfilled?

The tasks will be kept confidential until the competitors get the Engineering Competition booklet. The main purpose of the Engineering Competition is for you to create your own solutions and implementations within a limited time.

  •           Where can I find the rules for the Engineering Competition?

As the rules depend on the tasks, they will be provided in the Engineering Competition booklet. Behaviours violating ethical rules (such as cheating and cooperating with other teams) are not permitted.

  •           What is the Engineering Competition booklet?

It is a booklet distributed just before the start of the Engineering Competition. It includes a very detailed explanation of the Engineering Competition and the tasks you should fulfil. It also includes the rules of the Engineering Competition and the evaluation criteria.

  •           How long will the Engineering Competition last?

You will be allowed to work for approximately five hours.

  •           How will the Engineering Competition presentation proceed?

Upon the completion of the designs, each team will demonstrate their work in two stages: presentation of the flipcharts that include the design specifics and the completion of the tasks.