Missions and Objectives


The Faculty of Engineering of METU educates engineers and researchers with universal qualifications, who can fulfill the needs and expectations of, and play a leadership role in the advancement of industry and society. The Faculty of Engineering advances engineering science and technology through research, and contributes to the application of the created knowledge and technology to benefıt mankind.


  • To educate engineers capable of applying their knowledge effectively to solving engineering problems and to design, who are open to change and committed to lifelong learning, equipped with communication skills and understanding of professional issues and humanitarian values.
  • To educate master's level engineers with a level of knowledge suffîciently advanced to carry out research and communicate the results thereof.
  • To educate doctorate level engineers capable of carrying out original research and defending and disseminating the results thereof.
  • To employ a sufficient number of faculty members to carry out high quality education and research, who can be role models to students through their personality and scholarly conduct.
  • To increase high level, fiınded research, preferably interdisciplinary, and guided by goals that contribute to the advance of technology.
  • To disseminate results of research and existing knowledge through such means as national and international publications, meetings, consultancy and continuing education.